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Kodak should be ashamed for their advertisements and crappy inkjet printers. The ink cartridges are dirt cheap but you're lucky if you can get 20 printed pages from a single cartridge.

I had replaced an old HP inkjet with a Kodak ESP 7. What a mistake. The HP cartridges are expensive but I could print hundreds of sheets of paper from a single cartridge.

I'm in the process of replacing this piece of *** with an HP color LaserJet.

Save yourself a bunch of trouble and don't buy any Kodak printers, or other Kodak products. Hit Kodak where it hurts, Their bottom line!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kodak Printer.

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Kodak customer Service


I just replaced both cartridges on my Kodak 5250 and only printed like 4 sheets and the status monitor says my ink only has 20% left. WTF!

That *** was $33.

That means it takes 20% for each sheet and has a cost of $6.60 per page. I know it's the *** chip on the cartridges malfunctioning because I haven't printed any color except for the test page so how is it down to 20% too?

Gibsonton, Florida, United States #833279

You are 100% right on. These printers are nothing but a $$$$ eater on ink.

They are AWFUL.


1000% agree....I have never been so insulted by a product in my life....thank god they are going's what they deserve!!!!!!!

agreed. kodak printers are terrible.

I bought a kodak hero 9.1 last year, it had to be replaced 3 months in and now the replacement one won't print. I am going to buy an epson and be done with it.

*** this kodak. :(

same here I can't get more than 20 pages of black and it still tells me the color needs changed out. There has to be a setting in the setup on the printer to correct this. If anyone knows please let me know

Norwich, New York, United States #703999

I just murdered my Kodak printer with my sledge hammer! I just put new cartridges in place and went to print a copy from my Amazon seller account and I got nothing so I ripped and tore the cords out and hauled it to my trailer for the dump and every time I passed the trailer I would take a swing with the sledge hammer. I will never buy anything with KODAK on it ever again!


I have three computers connected to two Kodak AiO 5000 series AiO printers. I ran the update and caused the drivers to fail to install properly.

Support was terrible and blamed my computers. It was so bad that I had to reinstall the OS on two of these computers.

I still can not load AiO 5300 drivers on the third and they want me to have to reload the OS on my laptop I travel with.


The Kodak C310 is a load of rubbish. The printer wasn't even a year old and needed a new printhead, which I had to buy, and now it has thrown up an error and won't print. I'm trying to find a solution, but for a machine that was nearly £80 and is about a year old, this is poor quality and even worse service.

Avoid Kodak C310 printer / scanner.

London, England, United Kingdom #678006

So pleased that my kodak printer is old enough to go out on the streets alone - because that is where it is going,,,,, hood winked by a pc world salesman into buying the most awkward *** of a machine........ should have got a hp instead

College Station, Texas, United States #662447
Wow...this Kodak printer is the biggest piece of *** ever. I can't even use it as a boat anchor cause it is too light.

I am CONSTANTLY replacing ink cartridges. Now my print carriage is jammed!!!!! Then I really get pissed off when I call to customer service number and get someone from freaking India by the name of Frederick?????? How insulting for them to use an English name when they can barely pronounce American words.

Kodak... you used to be known for your quality...

well now you are known for making ***. :( :( :( :(
Yuma, Arizona, United States #656733

C315 printer

I am on my THIRD color cartridge and have only printed 50 pages of BLACK only. This was advertised as best value ink!

More like best stink.

The printer forces a replacement of the color before it will continue with black. This is a petty little mugging, probably from a company that will only be a memory in a few years. Do NOT waste your money

Danville, Kentucky, United States #650092
I have the same problems as everyone else. My printer hasn't been worth the gas it took to bring it home and I'm only a few miles from the store.I think Kodak should have to reimburse everyone who has a faulty printer.

They can have mine back if the give my money back. It this were an automobile it would be recalled and fixed or something so why not a printer. We don't have much and my husband is extremely ill but he took his money and bought this "thing" for me because he knew I wanted it. Now after very little use it barely works occasionally.

I had to replace the color ink after printing only a few recipes most of which were black and white with very little color. Now the black is very low. The ink may be cheaper than some other printers but it should be because there is nothing in the cartridge. Kodak should look at the complaints on here and do something.

One solutions might be make a complaint to the local tv stations and get it on the air telling consumers how bad these really are. :( :upset
London, England, United Kingdom #622876

bought kodak c30 combo ink yesterday and guess what ..,,run out after 20 sheets calibrating the printer cos the black ink was not clear. KODAK


First Kodak printer worked for about a year ok - no ink savings whatsoever, but the prints were nice - for a while.... it then started telling me the printhead was misaligned.

Took it out, re-installed ad nauseum, ended up buying a new printhead - same issue, I figured it was just shot.. pretty pissed, but I thought well, try again... another Kodak printer (Hero 5) - I know - DUH - worked for about 2 months and now will not print black no matter what I do. It's going out in the trash tomorrow...


They can suck my sphincter. I wish there were still places that made dependable products in the US and not got every piece of SH*T *** from piece of SH*T China...


Worst piece of *hit! printer I have ever purchased.

From day one it was giving me problems! Wasted a ton of money on ink cartriges that supposedly save you $. Yeah, right. Kodak decides when the printer ink is out and shuts the printer down until you replace it.


Now I just bought new ink cartriges and it won't print black?! Glad I bought an extended warranty, this junk is going back!


Kodak's printers are TERRIBLE.Just today, I replaced all of the ink cartridges, ran nozzle correction, callibrate printer, and clean print heads, and do you think I could get a printed page.

Printer is no more than 10 months old. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER KODAK PRINTER AGAIN. NO ONE SHOULD


you can;t even refill the cartridge, kodak puts a chip in the cartridge to tell it that the cartridge has printed enough pages weather or not you actually are out of ink. If a car company came out with a car that had a fuel gauge that stopped your car from running because it though you drove enough miles even though your gas tank is not empty they would be out of business in no time.


I have NEVER had so many problems with a printer in my life! I have replaced the printer head and after MANY ink cartridges wasted...

I want to throw it away so badly!

When I called kodak they were just rude and absolutly NO help to me! I will never buy a kodak anything again!


September 9, 2012

I just threw my Kodak ESP5210 in the Garbage. Ink?

What ink! I replaced my color cartridge a month ago printing 99% black. No more than two also in black but with a little blue mixed in.

Today I tried to print a B/W form and could not because my7 hew color cartridge was empty. Never again will I purchase anything having to do with Kodak!

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