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Kodak ESP-3 may be cheap in ink costs but you pay for what you DON'T use!It takes approx 5-6 color cartridges ($17.99--price increase twice in less than a year) to every 1 black cartridge ($9.99--no price increase).

This seems pointless but if you're NOT using any color - why is it being depleted? I called CSR but only India works the call center. NO U.S.

located call center.I reached a receptionist in Rochester, NY where the HQS is and was refused to be allowed to speak to any engineer or supervisor.

Bottom line - they are FORCING you to purchase colored ink even if you only print in black!

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Monetary Loss: $17.

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Kodak will not provide any help if you are not using Kodak brand ink.

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I bought the 3-in-1 Kodak printer when it first came out and was also disappointed when I had to buy both color and black cartridges for it to work; BUT, I found a trick to not have to constantly buy the color cartridge for those who are already stuck with the printer- When you're about to print, go into the PROPERTIES and under the ADVANCED tab click BLACK AND WHITE ONLY This should help stop draining the color cartridge as much, it still does but not very fast.You might have to do this at every print job as the setting revert back to printing in color.

Also Kodak claims that the combined color cartridge is better and easier but that's a HUGE LIE - because once you run out of one color (cyan, magenta, yellow) the printer will automatically say the WHOLE color cartridge is empty even if the other colors are completely full. A complete waste.

It's a night mare if you want to print something like say a blue sky.So save yourself and buy a printer with SINGLE color cartridges.


I unfortunately bought a Kodak all in one printer 3 months ago I wish I had seen the complaint page first NOW I KNOW WHY KODAK IS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS.....I bought a color ink cartridge on the 22nd of Oct it said prints 420 pages it printed 32 and was out!!!and then ou can't print anything no even just blask & white till you replace the color cartridge...

I bought another carrtridge today!!!printed 32 pages and it is out again....I am returning this printer this weekend and God help the store if they tell me I cant DO NOT BUY ANYTHING KODAK they suck and do not stand by a good product its JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!


Same here!We got this for a Christmas gift and we were thrilled that it was wireless and used less expensive ink, but we hardly print anything and still have to buy ink every 2 months at least!

Even with a new ink cartridge, it prints streaky and looks like the ink is running out.

I've had to turn in papers to college profs in BLUE because a brand new black ink wouldn't print properly.Can't wait to get a different printer, and I swear it will never be a Kodak again!


When I purchased my ESPC 310 I made a specific enquiry to the salesman concerning replacement of colour cartridges and was assured by him these did not have to be replaced when black cartridge depleted. However i am continuing to replace the colour cartridge even though i do not print colour, because the printer will print with just black- clearly i have been mislead. I shall never purchase another Kodak product!


I also wish I would have read these complaints,.I have a 5200, and I am constantly buying ink.

On my Dell, I could continue printing when the color ran out. Kodak, no. I cannot wait to get a new one. Actually, I'll probably hook the Dell back up.

Always buying ink, not cheaper.Buyers beware.


I hate this printer.I got it for the automatic double sided printing and lower ink costs.

Let me tell you that they are both a joke. The only paper that you will be able to use for double sided printing is letter sized, legal or other you are screwed. Also, my printer only prints on red or orange paper, If I need any other color and I'm screwed. I have spent more in copy fees since buying this printer than the printer itself costs because I need to print double sided on legal paper and on colored paper that my printer does not recognize and for which there is not solution.

If you don't have ink in either of your cartridges or one is damaged the entire machine locks up and is of no use until you change the cartidge, i.e. give kodak more money. You cannot fax anything or use the scanner, neither of which use any ink.

Customer support has been argumentative and reluctant to pass me on to a supervisor.I will never buy Kodak again.



Why don't you provide an email address so that we can send you a complaint..... It is impossible to reach you


I wis I had read these complaints before I purchased my 6150.My printer is using so much ink that I have to refrain from printing.

I am going to have to purchase the off brand ink.How disappointing that I will have to live with this printer for the next few years.


I agree with the ink issues.I have a Kodak 6150 and have purchased one cartridge per month of each color and black.

I had an HP and only used about three cartridges per year of each.

There is no savings because they use less ink in their cartridges.The machine is totally disabled if you do not have both cartridges full and the pring quality is inferior to my HP, bottom line I will return to HP

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