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My printer quality was started to deteriorate, so I looked up on the Kodak troubleshooting website. They suggested the heads may need cleaning, did this. Tried test print - quality still not great but all colours were working fine. Tried to print ou what I needed and the page was blank eventhough there was ink? Tried some more troubleshooting tips. Colour ink ran out :(

Bought new ink - black and colour, put them in the printer and now the cyan will not print.

After various attempts of cleaning etc I contacted the helpline via live chat as I was on hold for over 20 mins on the phone I was advised;


To prevent the printhead from drying out, insert the ink cartridge into the printhead immediately.

If you are not going to use your printer for an extended period of time (a week or more), keep the ink cartridges seated in the printhead.

If your ink cartridges were left out of your printer for an extended period, allow the ink cartridges to sit idle in the printer for a couple of hours before printing.

Sandeep J: I understand that you have done the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue by yourself. However, Instead of repeating the steps, I request you to inform me which you have done while I give you the steps, so that we can skip them and proceed with the rest of the steps.

Sandeep J: Please check that the ink cartridges are not damaged and are completely seated on the printhead:

Ensure that the label on the ink cartridges is intact, and that the cartridges are not damaged.

Please inform me if the KODAK Ink Cartridges have been refilled.

Sandeep J: Okay, Kodak recommends its customers to not to clean the printhead more than twice with a set of cartridges, as it consumes considerable amount of ink from the cartridges.

Sandeep J: As the clean printhead step has already been performed. Let me confirm the last steps.

Sandeep J: Have you installed a replacement printhead within the last 90 days?

Sandeep J: Thank you for your efforts in resolving this issue. We have determined that the printhead of your printer needs replacement.

Sandeep J:

As the printer is more than an year, It is an out of warranty printer.

Hence, In order to resolve this issue, I have 2 offers for you..

1. Print head for £32.51 incl. VAT

2. Print head with ink package £44.99 incl. VAT

To purchase a print head, Please contact the Kodak voice support as the purchase transactions requires secured information like credit card or debit card information which should not revealed over chat session.

Contact technical support at 0870 2430270 during UK business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. UK Time).

It took me an hour to get to this stage.

The printer although just out of warrenty has only printed 611 pages in total.

This is ridiculous a completed waste money, my old Lexmark printer lasted 9 years without these issues. The Kodak ESP C310 AiO is not an ideal product if you want a product to last. I am a very unhappy customer. Kodak is not a brand I would recommend. Stear clear!!!

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Wow. I thought I may just have a bad printer.

After reading all these comments I realize it is a bad product. I have the same issues. I thought it might be because of my Windows 10 upgrade and no supporting driver. It will print after sitting for a while.

But then it stops printing anything after a day or two.

I have an HP envy model now. It works great!


I also have been having problems with my C310, for several months quality has been deteriating and it has now stopped printing altogether, I have tried all troubleshooting tips etc ie new cartidges, cleaning print head still no joy.

Have give up and decided Kodak rubbish, my previous HP, although cartideges were more expensive it certainly lasted a lot longer and overall prooved better value for money


This is a money trap, printed just fine a coupe of days ago, installed update and now will NOT print black. Did all suggested stuff, went to website-just a couple of questions and boom-you need a new print head-this must be a common problem because is was two or three questions that were completely automated...yes or no answers...no human...just a tell that this always happens----------piece of junk, always had trouble with it, always, from the very start, I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING KODAK AGAIN


i have a kodak c310, would never buy 1 again, print head durability is very, very poor


Same with me. Printed a ream of paper ( if that ) in just a little over a year .

Print head now ruined.

All Kodak wanted me to do was let them see a scanned copy of my receipt so that they could say it was pout of warranty , and then sell me a new print head. Not interested and wont be buying a Kodak printer again !

London, England, United Kingdom #714257

yes the c310 is a piece of ***. same problem as described - what a ***

London, England, United Kingdom #684723

I'm very, very annoyed as well, because I kept on buying new ink black/white and colour and it never, ever printed the amount of pages they had promised. Sometimes even after very few pages.

All Kodak said to me, I should exchange my printhead and of course I just wasn't in guarantee anymore. Total Rip off, I've lost so much money and time. I've the impression, they aren't very honest about the consume.

As if they had some sort of online connection to monitor how long the ink has been in the printer and gradually making a countdown until it says: ink level low (without even having used it). I printed a few pages (honestly!!!!) and when I wanted to print again after two weeks the monitor said ink empty!!!!

London, England, United Kingdom #677678

Same problem - nearly new purchase, hardly used. Ink quality deteriorated over a period of some weeks and now doesn't print black at all and colours are smudged / partially printed.

Old HP deskjet worked for 6 or 7 years without any issues - it was a bit slow hence why I replaced. Wish I had kept it.

Message to Kodak - this is a totally useless product. I will not buy another Kodak product again.

Leeds, England, United Kingdom #675411

Totally agree with all these comments. In fact I can't have printed more than a couple of hundred pages since I bought it, usually black and white and I've replaced the cartridges including colour about four times in the 14 months that I've had it.

Now the black doesn't work at all and I've been offered the suggestion that I need to buy a new print head. Not only is it a total waste of money its the time you spend trying to get it to work and trouble shooting that drives you mad!!

Pontiac, Michigan, United States #663531

sure, the ink is affordable for this printer, but if it won't work...whats the point ? It seems to use a LOT of ink- it always seems to "need replacing" everytime i try to print a simple doc; also it won't print anything at all unless BOTH color & B/W inks are in place.

say you have a new black & the color needs replaced-iit won't allow you to print B/W only- it forces you to cancel print until you go buy a new color one. *** this *** printer- what a WASTE of time & MONEY.

London, England, United Kingdom #663402

same ink problem,used about 10 black cartridges for less than 200 pages in a year,bl**dy useless, old hp deskjet,lasted 8 years and I got it secondhand.kodak stopped making cameras,should stop making printers too,useles heap of ***.


Same issues with Kodak C310 all-in-one printer. Black ink stopped printing last year, did every troubleshooting solution, even some listed by other users who've had the same problem, and nothing works. For a printer that's just over one year old, it's terrible quality (I paid over £80 for it!) and I will not buy another Kodak printer again.

Save yourself a lot of frustration and try a different brand.

Derby, England, United Kingdom #644450

Kodak C310 printer wont print black ink,only just over 12 months old and hardly used.Read that it probably requires a new print head at about £32.00+,not what I would call a good purchase

London, England, United Kingdom #601570

What a load of shite, i'm going to make a youtube video of me destroying my Kodak C310 with a bloody hammer as its a pile of poo!!!

London, England, United Kingdom #598073

terrible time with this printer as well. Have both ink cartridges once and printed in total 200 pages, and wasted many of these on test prints.

Now Black ink is empty again. Total rip off.

My old Cannon MP360 lasted 13 years with no replacement parts, thousands upon thousands of documents and low ink costs. Shame on You Kodak

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