My complaint to Kodak:

Kodak All in One printers suck! Your customer service via telephone sucks.

Why the *** don't you hire some service people who speak clear understandable English? I can't understand a word they say even when they repeat themselves 3 or 4 times! My first complaint is about connecting my ESP7 wireless: It was simple to do the first time around and it worked like a charm. But, then one day it quit working.

I tried all of your solutions both on your sight, via live chat, and over the phone. All to no avail, so I connected with a USB cable, and was contemplating using a USB switch so I could use the printers features on 2 separate computers. This works OK except today the damned thing decided it would only print parts of a document. I have gone through all the on-board printer maintenance steps to no avail, and quite frankly I am sick and tired of this kind of ***.

My other complaint is the damned ink cartridges are way to expensive when compared to how long they last, and your extended life cartridges for this machine do not last any longer than the regular cartridges, so why the *** do you even offer them? I'm writing myself a reminder to go see a shrink the next time before I buy a Kodak printer and, I am posting this complaint on the Pissed Consumer Website.

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I bought an Office Hero 6.1 it is with out a doubt the worst printer I have EVER owned. Locks up all the time.

You cannot print checks in a batch it keeps trying to print on both sides of paper (even though it is not selected) been online with tech support many times with no solution their only solution is re-install software. Which I have done at least 15 times.

Number of prints from the cartridges is totally bogus you will not get 1/4 of what it says is the number of prints. SUCKS!!!!!!!Not to mention wireless issues!!!!


Wished I read this before I bought the 2170. Can't get wireless or USB to work with Vista.

And wireless only works with Win7 IF you broadcast the ssid. What is the point?

My other laptops work fine w/o a broadcast. Customer service has been NO help

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